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Ethics & Anti-Corruption Compliance

Training Workshop

Athens, 9 & 10 October 2017

Fraud Education Center offers short training course options dependent on individual government, organizational and company’s needs. Participants learn through applied scenario analysis and engage in mutual dialogue with expert educators. Our senior experts teach material based on their own research and practice, providing learners with current case studies and other national and international-level experience.

This two-day intensive and interactive training workshop will cover the basics, definitions, commitments, situations, liabilities, global laws and codes, case studies all raising awareness towards ethics and the fight against corruption.

Program Overview

Our experts recognize the need for open and honest discussion. They adopt both immersive and interactive methods to allow participants to contribute towards their own learning. Training exercises aim to create a safe learning environment by recreating the complexity of real-life scenarios, with participants asked to respond to these scenarios with real-time decision making. Each participant will be part of a small team and will be required to make ‘true to life’ decisions and to have those decisions challenged and examined.


Tony S. Awad

Owner / Director

TNA Global Consult Ltd.


Owner and Managing Director of TNA Global Consult Ltd., Mechanical Engineer by profession has spent over 50 years of his professional life working in various industry sectors including oil & gas, power, construction, maintenance, manufacturing, aviation and private ventures in different countries across the Middle East and Europe including Canada.


Who should attend?

Attendance of this Workshop is recommended for persons in positions of authority who might be exposed to compliance and corruption activities in their operational responsibilities, including but not limited to the following disciplines:

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